About Us

Who are we?

Hope Remains has been designed by Christian people who have a sincere desire to cut through the prejudice and misinformation concerning God’s gift of sexuality.

   For security reasons, our staff is not identified by name or current location. However, it has been requested that the qualifications of our lead translator be listed. This individual, Rev. C., began independent study of koine Greek in 1968, guided by native Greek instructors. Rev. C. began studying the Hebrew language, beginning with modern Hebrew, and then moving to biblical, in 1979, under the tutelage of Israeli instructor B.K. He later taught classes in both languages in a Christian Bible college for a number of years. Further studies in theology, church administration, etc., took place at two NY Bible schools, and studies in research writing and the humanities at the State University of New York. He was the author of the ministerial training curriculum used by two Christian denominations. Rev. C. is an ordained minister, former pastor and Dean of a Bible school. He has authored books on theology, and has done translation work from Hebrew, Greek and Russian. His work has been published in English, Hebrew, Russian, French and Spanish.

For too many years, people whose sexual orientation was other than heterosexual, and transgender individuals, have been marginalized in the churches, made to feel dirty, useless, etc. Sometimes they are subjected to what can only be viewed as spiritual and emotional torture. And when they ultimately cannot change who they are, they are often driven away, and wind up abandoning God, falsely believing that He rejected them.

   Others have been deluded into thinking that they can become what they are not, and some have maintained this illusion for years, only to be devastated when it ultimately fails. Such self-delusion usually results in depression, self-loathing, loss of faith in God, and even suicide.

   We are not “liberal” theologians. We do not dismiss scripture as irrelevant to this day and age. We believe the Bible, in its original form, was the inerrant word of God. We endeavor to move beyond the mistranslations that exist in English translations of that word, using the extant Hebrew and Greek texts.

Our History

The process of researching the Hebrew and Greek, as well as the history of the church and world in regard to sexuality, began for us in 1980, and continues to this day. When translating from Hebrew and Greek to English, we tend to bypass religious resources, which have been known to alter meanings for doctrinal reasons (not just on this topic). We prefer to rely primarily on secular language sources, whose only “agenda” is proper understanding of the language.